Stipe Miocic Demolishes Worn Out Francis Ngannou To Retain Heavyweight Championship

Smack yourself if you underestimated Stipe Miocic, because just dominated one of his biggest challenged to date: Francis Ngannou.

The two touched gloves and Stipe started with an early leg kick by Ngannou returned a high kick. Miocic wasn’t having it, though, and took Francis down, but the big Frenchman was back up. Stipe went for a second takedown, but no dice.

Ngannou came in hard after, looking to take the champ’s head off. Stipe got tagged but was still in it. In fact, the champ thought he’d throw in a couple of his own, and he did so with the crowd firmly in his corner, yelling “Stipe! Stipe! Stipe”

Halfway the two clinched. Stipe had a mouse under his eye. The two broke and Ngannou looked to add to that mouse, but Miocic came in with a huge right.  Another right over the jab and Stipe took Ngannou down, holding him down in side control. Miocic tried to set up an armlock, but moved to some ground and pound. Stipe them worked for a guillotine, but Ngannou worked his way back up. The champ, however, welcomed him up with a right hand.

Ngannou looked tired, and Stipe tagged him with a huge one-two, finishing the round with a huge takedown.

Round 2 and Ngannou looks bewildered. Still, he was looking to set up a big punch.

Francis landed a left, but it did nothing to Miocic.

Leg kick by Stipe, and another. Miocic was looking to chop his tired opponent down. Ngannou was visibly slower and off balance.

Stipe went in for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Still, he landed a huge shot.

Another big right by Miocic before he charged into Ngannou and drove him across the cage for a takedown. Francis was in trouble as Stipe forced the Frenchman to carry his weight on his back. Ngannou did not look like he wanted to continue.

Referee Herb Dean warned Stipe for inaction. Ngannou struggled to get up, but he was paralyzed under Miocic’s weight. Stipe worked his way under the neck, but the bell saved Ngannou from a second round submission loss.

Francis Ngannou needed a miracle.

A miracle wasn’t in his future, though. Round 3 and Francis looked like he was drunk, wobbling and struggling to stay up. Still, he managed to fight off Stipe’s takedown attempt.

Miocic pressed Ngannou on the fence. Francis went down to his knees and Stipe again rode his back.  Francis worked his way out, but he had nothing in the tank.

Or did he? Ngannou landed a huge punch, but Stipe came in with a big takedown and landed in the challenger’s half guard. I guess he didn’t have anything in the tank. Miocic rained down punches and elbows from the top. Stipe, however, looked tired, too. He was in a position where he could rest, though.

Round 4 and Ngannou’s punishment continued. Francis went for a one-two, but the champion took him down easily and landed in side control. Ngannou just lay there, unable to get up even when Miocic gave him room to move. Stipe just pounded away as Francis lay there motionless.

Again, Ngannou was on his knees, helpless to do anything to weather the storm that was Stipe Miocic. Punch after punch landed, and Ngannou ate every one of them. The crowd chanted “Stipe” again, knowing that Francis had no chance of coming out the winner.

Fifth and final round and Stipe looked like it was Round 1. The same could not have been said for Ngannou, though.

Miocic went for a takedown, but he couldn’t get it. He pressed Ngannou up against the fence. He attempted another, but again couldn’t get him. Francis went for a guillotine, but he had nothing.

Stipe went back to pressing his opponent up against the fence. The crowd booed the inaction and Dean heard their cries, separating them.

Leg kick by Stipe and Ngannou tried to pull out one of his trademark decapitation punches.

He had nothing, though.

Stipe kept his distance in the last minute of the round. He knew he won, and there was no reason to risk anything.

Francis went for a flying knee, but Miocic caught him and pressed him up against the cage again before the final bell rang.

Winner by unanimous decision and still UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic.



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