Submission Hunter Pro 60 Results: Danielle Kelly Submits Roxanne Modafferi

Submission Hunter Pro 60 saw an action-packed card comprised of highly skilled jiu-jitsu athletes, culminating in a black belt title match between UFC fighter and BJJ black belt Roxanne Modafferi and Silver Fox standout black belt Danielle Kelly. The event benefitted The Rose Houston, which supports women’s access to breast cancer diagnostic and treatment services.

In the main event of the evening, Modafferi and Kelly went head-to-head to determine who would take home the 130lb black belt no-gi title. After some hand-fighting, Modafferi scooped up Kelly’s leg for a single-leg takedown attempt, which Kelly defended before briefly pulling guard. After Kelly returned to her feet, Modafferi quickly brought her back to the ground with a single-leg, trying to pass her guard while Kelly searched for a leg to attack. Kelly worked her way into single-leg x-guard and attempted a heel hook, but Modafferi stayed safe by rolling out of it. Kelly again worked to open up Modafferi’s leg, eventually succeeding as Modafferi tried to keep heavy pressure on her. As Kelly again went for a heel hook, Modafferi managed to keep her foot out of danger, coming back on top and pinning one of Kelly’s legs as she tried to pass. Kelly got her leg free and trapped Modafferi in her closed guard while Modafferi worked for wrist control and tried to stand up.

Modafferi eventually succeeded in opening Kelly’s guard and then got past her legs, moving to north-south and then searching for back control. Kelly wasted no time in hunting one of Modafferi’s legs, but Modafferi kicked her leg out and evaded danger. The two returned to their now-familiar battle, with Modafferi trying to pass and Kelly searching for a leg lock opportunity. Kelly briefly came up on top before sitting back and trying to trap a leg. Modafferi defended very well initially and came on top, but Kelly managed to secure a toehold, and Modafferi tapped with just over 1:30 left in the match.

Kelly was declared the winner and claimed the 130lb black belt no-gi title.


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  • Melissa Lozano vs. Cassidy Welch – DRAW
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Brown Belt 125lb No-Gi Title

Alana Holy defeats Andreza Morais via advantage (OT)

Black Belt 130lb No-Gi Title

Danielle Kelly defeats Roxanne Modafferi via toehold


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