Submission Underground 11 Full Results

Nothing distracts more from a BJJ match than boo’s from a crowd.

Tenth Planet black belt Kyle Boehm and UFC veteran Vinny Magalhaes defeated DDS purple belt Nicky Rodriguez and Aussie black belt Craig Jones in a SUG tag team bout earlier tonight. While only three of the fighters saw action, there’s still a bit to unpack with how the evening played out.

Regulation time was fought entirely by Magalhaes and Rodriguez. No submissions occurred, as Magalhaes played a more reactive game and Rodriguez focused on aggressive takedowns and clinch work. Several times Rodriguez attempted his classic arm drag to back take from kneeling on the ground, but was unsuccessful.

No submissions were attempted, but constant neck and head slaps from Rodriguez earned him warnings from the ref. Soon the buzzer signaled the start of overtime.

Team Vinny/Kyle won the coin toss and decided to put Boehm defending first. Rodriguez, undeterred by his eight-minute round, elected to attack.

Boehm quickly proved his familiarity with EBI overtime tildes as he escaped the back take in just five seconds. A brief argument over wiping down Rodriguez’s back later and Boehm was attacking. Locking in a body triangle, Boehm was able to hold on for almost the whole two minutes to put his team ahead.

Round two saw the closest submission of the match as Rodriguez flawlessly abandoned the failing back position for a deep armbar, opting for a finish override time. But just as the move looks locked in, Boehm hitchhiked out to escape in just 20 seconds. Yet another argument from Jones over the slightly early escape call from the ref and we were back to Boehm on the…back.

Yet another early escape call from the ref leaves confusion as to when exactly Rodriguez escaped, but the clock stopped at 1:42 left in the round. Round three saw Boehm slip away from Rodriguez in just four seconds, and went on to secure victory for his team by keeping Rodrigez trapped for 12.

A more stagnant match with moments of high-level play sprinkled in, the lack of any grappling from Jones was definitely an odd choice. Here’s hoping we see more interesting tag team matches in the future.

Undercard Match

  • Andrew Sidelinger submits Scott Jutras via armbar (EBI Overtime)
  • Andrew Gunlach submits Logan Skinner via clock choke 
  • Joe Baize  submits Clay Davidson via heel hook
  • Samantha Bonilla submits Danielle Perry via RNC (EBI Overtime)
  • Frank Rosenthal  submits Brent Smith via heel hook (17 seconds in regulation)
  • Alex Larmey defeats Andrew Marshall via fastest escape (EBI Overtime)

Main Card Match

  • Austin Vanderford submits Micah Brakerfield via arm triangle (EBI Overtime)
  • Mike Perry defeats Al Iaquinta via fastest escape (EBI Overtime)
  • Richie Martinez submits Jake Shields via armbar (EBI Overtime)
  • Kyle Boehm and Vinny Magalhaes defeats Nick Rodriguez and Craig Jones fastest escape (EBI Overtime)


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