Subversiv 3 Full Results: Gracie Barra Takes Home The Big Win Against Unity

Subversiv 3 made for an exciting evening of team-based jiu-jitsu, with sixteen teams of three battling it out to see who would dominate on the big stage.

After Checkmat earned third place, the finals saw team Gracie Barra (Carlos Souza, Felipe Trovo, and Kendall Reusing) face off against team Unity (Levi Jones-Leary, Devhonte Johnson, and Chloe McNally) for first place.

Carlos Souza vs. Levi Jones-Leary
Jones-Leary sat guard as soon as the match started, working to tie up his opponent and establish grips. Jones-Leary appeared to aim for an omoplata, but Souza kept his distance and defended against the submission before it could happen. Souza sat back and the competitors worked from a more even position, then Jones-Leary worked for a berimbolo, attempting a quick wristlock and straight arm lock, though neither were enough to significantly threaten Souza. As the clock wound down, Jones-Leary went for a foot lock, but wasn’t able to finish it before time ran out.

Jones-Leary was declared the winner by unanimous decision, winning a match for team Unity.

Felipe Trovo vs. Devhonte Johnson
Trovo started the match by pulling guard, trapping Johnson inside his closed guard for a moment before Johnson was able to disengage and bring the match to the feet. Trovo quickly returned to playing guard, however, working in a leg lasso and transitioning to an omoplata as the competitors tumbled to the walkout strip and were reset. After a brief scramble that again led the competitors getting too close to the edge and needing to be reset, Trovo threw on a flying triangle as soon as the ref resumed the action. Johnson tried to hold out, but ultimately tapped.

Trovo was declared the winner by submission and gave team Gracie Barra a victory.

Kendall Reusing vs. Chloe McNally
McNally pulled guard, and Reusing pushed forward with heavy pressure, ending up in McNally’s half-guard. McNally tried to close up her legs to trap Reusing in a “cryangle”, but Reusing was quickly able to separate the legs and lock in a head-arm triangle from the top position. Reusing took her time to tighten the position, and it was only a few more moments before McNally tapped.

Reusing was declared the winner of the match via submission, getting Gracie Barra the victory they needed to become the Subversiv 3 champions.

Champion – Gracie Barra
2nd Place Unity
3rd Place Checkmat
Finals – Gracie Barra defeats Unity 2 to 1Submission/Decision
Fellipe Trovo def Devhonte JohnsonFlying Triangle
Levi Jones Leary defeats Carlos SouzaDecision
Kendall Reusing defeats Chloe McnallyHeand And Arm
– Consolation Finals Checkmat defeats Alliance Gold 2 to 1
Fellip Andrew def Gabriel AlmediaAnkle Lock
Nathalie Ribeiro defeats Jena BishopSplit Decision
Sam Nagai def Samuel SnowArmbar
– Semi Finals Gracie Barra defeats Checkmat 2-1
Gabriel Almedia defeats Fellipe TrovoSplit Decision
Kendall Reusing defeats Natahlie RibeiroSplit Decision
Carlos Souza Submits Sam NagaiKnee Bar
– Unity Defeats Alliance Gold 2 to 1
Levi Jones Leary defeats Sam SnowDecision
Devhonte Johnson defeats Fellipe AndrewDecision
Jena Bishop submits Chloe Mcnally ArmbarArmbar
– Quarter Finals Checkmat defAlliance Black 2-0
Nathalie Ribeiro Submits Julia BlamanteKimura
Sam Nagai defeats Fred SilvaDecision
– Gracie Barra defeats Team No Sleep 3-0
Kendall Reusing Submits ChokeBrittney Elkin
Carlos Souza Submits John CombsKnee Bar
Felipe Trovo Submits Seth DanielsTriangle
– Alliance defeats Zenith 2-0
Jena Bishop Submits Luciana MotaFoot Lock
Samuel Snow Defeats Drew PalomoDecision
– Unity defeats Fight Sports 2-0
Chloe Mcnally Submits Pamela BovedaChoke
Levi Jones Leary defeats Lucas SantosDecision
– First Round Checkmat defeats Renzo Gracie Orlando 3-0
Sam Nagai Submits Luca RamaciAnkle Lock
Gabriel Almedia Submits Ramiro LeonChoke
Nathalie Ribeiro Submits Jo MaissonneuveKnee Bar
– Alliance Black defeats Triton Fight Center 2-1
Fred Silva Submits Todd Walling Choke
Giancarlo Bodoni defeats Hunter ColvinDecision
Hannah Harjo defeats Julia BalmanteDecision
– Team No Sleep def Combat Concepts Academy 3-0
John Combs defeats Henrique NobregaDecision
Seth Daniels defeats Garrett AndrewsDecision
Brittney Elkin defeats Melody McGillDecision
– Gracie Barra defeats SAS 2-1
Andrew Kochel defeats Carlos SouzaDecision
Fellipe Trovo Submits Daniel McguireChoke
Kendall Reusing Submits Alison LindererChoke
– Alliance Gold def Black Widow MMA 3-0
Samuel Snow defeats Jorge CastanedaDecision
Fellipe Andrew Submits Omar KamalReverse Triangle
Jena Bishop Submits Gabrielle viilafuerte
– Zenith defeats Team Lead 2-1
Drew Palomo Submits Joseph ToncheChoke
Marcelo Nunes Submits Yuri SantosKnee bar
Emily Fernandez Submits Luciano MotaArmbar
– Fight Sports defeats Legion 2-1
Lucas Santos defeats Jacob KassamaDecision
Tex Johnson Submits Michael EgleyAnkle Lock
Paige Ivette Submits Pamela BovedaDarce
– Unity defeats Wildcard 2-1
Levi Jones-Leary Submits Adam CruzTriangle
Devhonte Johnson def Travis ClarkChoke
Bailey Luttrell defeats Chloe McNally


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