Subversiv 5 Results: Atos Wins Again, Elisabeth Clay Gets Leg Lock In Main Event Superfight

Team-based grappling promotion Subversiv hosted another action-packed event tonight, with Team Atos and Team Checkmat going all the way to the finals at Subversiv 5 after Team Fight Sports claimed victory over Team 10th Planet in the match for third place. Before Atos again secured their place as the champions in the finals, though, Elisabeth Clay and Andressa Cintra battled it out on the stage in the main event superfight of the evening.

Main Event Superfight

Andressa Cintra vs. Elisabeth Clay

A double guard-pull quickly turned into a straight ankle lock shootout. After about two minutes of both athletes trying to land the submission, Cintra’s focus shifted to defense, and Clay eventually let go. Cintra moved to use a double-under pass to try to break down Clay’s guard, and Clay transitioned to 50/50 to attack a leg again. Cintra again managed to escape the submission, but again found her in a riskier spot as she tried to pass, with Clay attacking a toehold this time. Though Cintra did an impressive job of defending the toehold, Clay went belly-down for a kneebar, getting the tap with just under two minutes left to go.


Lucas Barbosa vs. Gabriel Almeida

After a few minutes of wrestling on the feet, the match went to the ground, with Almeida searching for submissions from the guard. Barbosa answered with a slam. Almeida underhooked a leg to try to get a sweep, ultimately being forced to return to controlling Barbosa from the bottom. Barbosa nearly managed to pass, and a scramble ensued that led to the competitors almost tumbling off the stage. They were reset in the middle on their feet. Almeida pulled guard, and as the clock wound down through the final minute, Barbosa got past his opponent’s legs and isolated an arm. After one more scramble, the athletes were reset in the middle, though both were unable to make any significant movements in the remaining seconds before the match ended.

Lucas Barbosa was declared the winner by unanimous decision, putting Atos in the lead in the finals 1-0.

Rafaela Guedes vs. Nathalie Ribeiro

Ribeiro started off by pulling guard, inverting to try to attack a leg as Guedes tried to pass. The back-and-forth battle between retention and passing continued for the next few minutes, with Guedes briefly getting past Ribeiro’s legs just before the five-minute mark and looking for a guillotine. However, Ribeiro managed to recover her guard, and Guedes returned to trying to pin her opponent’s legs to the ground, stepping on Ribeiro’s legs to try to secure the pass. Ribeiro inverted, and Guedes seized the opportunity to latch onto a toehold. Ribeiro escaped, but Guedes pressured forward, driving ahead with Ribeiro in a head lock. Still, Ribeiro recovered her guard and kept Guedes at bay. With just over twenty seconds to go, Guedes tried an Estima lock, then went for an arm-in guillotine in the final seconds of the match. Though she wasn’t able to finish the submission, her attempts were enough to ensure that the judges favored her in the decision.

Rafaela Guedes was declared the winner via unanimous decision and brought Atos up to 2-0 in the finals, making a third match unnecessary for the team to claim victory.


Subversiv Team Tournament
1st – Atos/Red Bowie
2nd – Checkmat
3rd – Fight Sports
  • Lucas Barbosa def. Gabriel Almedia via decision
  • Rafaela Guedes def. Nathalie Ribeiro via decision

    Atos def. Checkmat 2-0

Semi Final A
  • Rafaela Guedes def. Maggie Grindatti via armbar
  • Kaynan Duarte def. Joao Costa via heel hook

    Atos def. Fight Sports 2-0

Semi Final B
  • Nathalie Ribeiro def. Bri Robertson via split decision
  • Elder Cruz def. Rene Sousa via decision

    Check Mat def. 10th Planet 2-0

Round 1
  • Kaynan Duarte def. Chris Dempsey via heel hook
  • Rafaela Guedes def. Juliana Fortuna via guillotine
  • Lucas Barbosa def. Mauricio Gomez via decision

    Atos def. ATT 3-0

  • Kendall Reusing def. Maggie Grindatti via split decision
  • JZ Cavalcante def. Saul Viayra via heel hook
  • Joao Costa Araujo def. Lucas Norat via decision

    Fight Sports def. Gracie Barra 2-1

  • Oliver Taza def. Gabriel Almedia via split decision (FOTN)
  • Elder Cruz def. Daniel Manasoiu via decision
  • Nathalie Ribeiro def. Katie Hooven via kneebar (SOTN)

    Checkmat def. DDS 2-1

  • Rene Sousa def. Steve Joachim via heel hook
  • Bri Robertson def. Amanda Leve
  • John Combs def. JM Holland via guillotine

    10th Planet def Studio 84 2-1

Black Belt Matches
  • Elisabeth Clay def. Andressa Cintra via kneebar
  • Alex Jutis def. Brian Demuro via decision
  • Kevin Mahecha def. Dylan Whyte via armbar
  • Ricky Semiglia def. Forrest Moyano via decision
  • Jim Alers def. Mateo Londono via ankle lock (FOTN)
  • Felipe Amarante def. Ken Berman via decision
  • Lucas Araujo def. Giann Moramarco via decision
  • Rodrigo Franconi def. Matthew Ferraiolo via decision
  • Adam Ferrara def. Sean Joseph via armbar (SOTN)
  • Rodrigo Antunes def. Ricky Nelson via armbar
  • Vitor Schlosser def. Jason Baroncross via choke
  • Wilson Sgai def. Rafael Dias via split decision
Brown Belts
  • Sebastian Serpa def. Julien Moreno via choke (SOTN)
  • Ari Pollan def. Alfonso Estrada via decision
  • Adolfo Suarez def. Nick Birgel via decision (FOTN)
  • Steve Nichols def. Alberto Santos via triangle-armbar
Purple Belts
  • Alberto Robleto def. Daniel Botero via decision
  • Pat Downey def. Rasheed Perez via decision
Blue Belts
  • Nation Gilbrick def. Taymoor Pilehvar via decision
  • Jenniffer Preciado def. Emily Martins via triangle (FOTN)
  • Dante Rosenberg def. Zach Carroll via triangle (SOTN)
  • Matthew Padgett def. Seth Reppond via decision


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