SUG 23 Results: Mason Fowler Submits Kyle Chambers, Retains Championship Title

Mason Fowler is still the Submission Underground champion after his win over challenger Kyle Chambers at SUG 23.

After some wrestling on the feet, Chambers attempted an Imanari roll, which Fowler evaded. Chambers then pulled guard, working his way out of danger and back to his feet when Fowler moved to pass. Fowler forced Chambers against the cage, then lifted him up and brought him to the canvas, quickly passing to north-south despite Chambers’ flexible guard.

Fowler then transitioned to side control and worked to isolate an arm as Chambers tried to escape from beneath him, soon transitioning to north-south again and lifting Chambers’ shoulders to gain access to his back. Chambers tried to get his shoulders to the mat, but Fowler locked on a body triangle and worked to a rear naked choke. Though his arm was more across Chambers’ face than his throat, the pressure was still enough to force Chambers to tap, and Fowler continued his reign as the SUG champion.

Full Results:

  • Charlie Gilpin def. William Audifre via fastest escape in OT
  • Nicholas Maximov def. Joey Elsmore via kimura
  • Adam Smith def. Benji Silva via armbar in OT
  • Andy Varela def. Rafael Domingos via rear naked choke in OT
  • Richie Martinez def. Don Stoner via Japanese necktie
  • Raquel Canuto def. Gillian Robertson via guillotine
  • Carlos Condit def. Jake Ellenberger via heel hook
  • Birchak & Clash def. Lencioni & Papworth via armbar in OT
  • Mason Fowler def. Kyle Chambers via rear naked choke


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