SUG 25 Results: Pedro Marinho & Edwin Najmi Submit Their Way To Victory

Submission Underground: 📸 @smithhammerphotography

Submission Underground brought some of the most exciting grapplers in the world into the cage for SUG 25, and when it was all over, Edwin Najmi had defeated Jeremy Kennedy, and Pedro Marinho got the choke he needed to claim victory in regulation against Andy Varela.

Co-Main Event

Edwin Najmi vs. Jeremy Kennedy

After some wrestling on the feet, Kennedy drove Najmi up against the fence, and Najmi brought himself up to closed guard. Najmi then worked his way beneath Kennedy to isolate a leg, though his mobility was limited as he was trapped against the fence. Kennedy then moved away from the fence, dragging Najmi behind him as he worked to pull his knee out of his opponent’s control. For a moment, Kennedy broke free, but Najmi locked up his legs again and went for a toehold as Kennedy turned. Kennedy escaped the submission and separated himself from Najmi with 2:45 to go in regulation.

Najmi stayed seated, and Kennedy entered his closed guard, the fence behind Najmi’s head preventing him from staying mobile. Kennedy moved from closed guard to top half-guard, using his free foot to try to pry himself free. He was unable to do more from the position, and regulation ended.

Overtime began with Kennedy winning the coin toss and choosing to take the back. He immediately locked in a body triangle and worked to sink in a choke, prompting hand-fighting from Najmi. Najmi didn’t escape, but Kennedy didn’t finish the submission before the first half of the first round of overtime ended, either.

Najmi also chose to take the back, locking up a body triangle as soon as the clock started. He quickly got his arm under his opponent’s chin, and after some resistance from Kennedy, got the tap in just fifteen seconds.

Edwin Najmi was declared the winner via submission.

Main Event

Pedro Marinho vs. Andy Varela

Varela drove forward and tried to get Marinho against the cage, but Marinho reversed the position, picked up a single-leg, and quickly drove his opponent to the mats. Marinho put on a head lock, and Varela came up to his knees, setting off a scramble that put both competitors back on their feet. Marinho and Varela wrestled, each looking for a takedown opportunity, and though Varela tried to pick up a single-leg on Marinho, it was Marinho who ultimately drove Varela to the canvas with a guillotine, successfully trapping Varela against the fence. Varela quickly tapped, and Marinho claimed victory with 3:14 left in regulation.

Pedro Marinho was declared the winner via submission.


  • Alex Larmey def. Josian Iwamizu via rear naked choke
  • Ighor Horta def. James Zeng via fastest escape in OT
  • Zack Schneider def. Kevin Shaughnessy via straight foot lock
  • Aaron Tiegs def. Zachary Minteer via neck crank in OT
  • Colton Vaughn def. Eric McConico via fastest escape in OT
  • Gustavo Pires def. Nicholas Maximov armbar in OT
  • Tag Team: Gilpin/Bessa def Carron/Palakiko via 1-0 submissions
  • Keith Krikorian def. Joey McKay via rear naked choke in OT
  • Edwin Najmi def. Jeremy Kennedy via rear naked choke in OT
  • Pedro Marinho def. Andy Varela via guillotine


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