Target Employee Says Jiu-Jitsu Skills Saved His Life From Shoplifter, Shoplifter Suing Target For Assault

Image of Kelton Arthur from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

A target employee said that his jiu-jitsu skills saved his life after a shoplifter tried to gouge out his eyes.

But that’s not the interesting part. The shoplifter who tried to gouge the employee’s eyes you, Kelton Arthur, is suing Target for assault.

Kelton’s lawsuit claims the employee hit Arthur from behind and then attacked him.

The police report, however, tells a slightly different story. According to the report, back in July of 2016, Kelton tried to steal a Vacuum from a Target in Texas. The employee put his hands on Arthur’s back to try to stop him from leaving the store. Arthur then bit the employee on the arm and tried to gouge out the employee’s eyes. The Target employee said his jiu-jitsu skills saved him.

Kelton Arthur was indicted by a grand jury in September of this year. He pleaded guilty to theft and spent a day in jail.



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