Technique Beats Size in GIC ‘David vs. Goliath” Absolute Match

Drill your takedowns, kids. It could level a 100+lb. weight gap at your next tournament.

Straight outta Paris comes one of those cinematic internet jiu-jitsu videos, where technique wins the underdog a victory over a much larger opponent and the crowd goes wild. This time the clip is from France’s GIC grappling event, where a 67k. fighter identified as Abubakar Yunusov (@_dikiy_noxchi_ on Instragram) took on a 130k. opponent in the “Obsalyut” division and won. The blue belt is listed as a 3x champion, and won the 70k. division earlier that day.

Watch him assess the situation, get in position for the initial trip, and finish the job:


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