The UAEJJF Abandon The Absolute Divisions For 2016-2017

There are many Jujitsu enthusiasts reacting to the UAEJJF Canceling Absolute Divisions for 2016-2017. The purpose for the decision to eliminate the Absolute Divisions is to prevent the increasing number of injuries that have occurred in matches with considerable weight and size discrepancy.

Most of the UAEJJF tournaments put competitors in ranking based on weight, but Absolute Divisions let everyone compete, without any consideration of their weight or size. Consequently, the UAEJJF believes more preventable injuries have happened in these open matches.

One of the criticisms of this decision is based on the origin and strategy of Jujitsu, which has long prided its self-defense style of fighting as one that enables a smaller fighter to defeat larger opponents based on agility and technique. With the elimination of these Absolute Divisions, enthusiasts believe this decision sends a message to the contrary.

At this time, it is unclear whether this change in policy will extend past 2016-2017.


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