Tom DeBlass Responds To Dillon Danis’ DeBlass-hole Comments

You all know that Garry Tonon’s coach, Tom DeBlass, was not going to let Dillon Danis get away with calling him “Tom DeBlass-hole” or threatening to “slap his bitch ass.”

DeBlass took to Facebook live almost immediately after Dillon’s video was posted.

“First of all, you ain’t slapping nothing,” DeBlass responded. “You see me outside, and you’ll turn your head. You know better than that.”

DeBlass also scoffed at Danis’ talk about fighting anyone off the mats.

You started that fight at the ADCC Trials match before my final match with Garry [Tonon] and Gordon [Ryan] knowing damn well if I wasn’t competing ten minutes after you started that fake fight when there was a million people there to break it up…you know, you never would have started it.

But most of the video was a warning to Danis, that if he dares confront DeBlass, he is going to pay.

But all I can say is this: man, I don’t even wish ill upon you.  God bless you, man. I wish you well. There’s not many people who talk bad about me because I respect everybody. I don’t respect you. I think you’re a fucking joke… And if we do run into each other…let’s say I’m walking to Renzo’s and you’re walking down the street, and we’re face-to-face, there’s going to be a fucking problem. A hundred percent. Believe it. Because I don’t do what these kids do. Listen! I’m not Garry. I’m not Gordon. They’re entertainers. I’m not an entertainer. I’m a man. You know what I mean? And I don’t play these games. You know what I mean? So, for sure, on site there’s going to be a problem with you and I now. I don’t care who you got in your squad. I don’t care who you got around you. It doesn’t matter what pictures you’re taking with your dork ass clothes and your blonde, dork ass hair. You’re just a… you’re a joke, bro! And it’s unfortunate because you used to be a nice boy. 

You can listen to the rest of Tom DeBlass’ thoughts on Dillon Danis below:

Oh Dillon…

Posted by Tom DeBlass on Thursday, July 20, 2017


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