Tom DeBlass: Tell Dillon To Call Me A P*ssy Face-To-Face

Dillon Danis does not have a high opinion of Renzo Gracie’s students. By that, of course, I mean he thinks they’re all “pussies.”

You can listen to him share his opinions on Renzo Gracie’s academy here:

Dillon was particularly critical of, Garry Tonon. He claimed that Garry, who he will be facing next month at Polaris 5, is not only “all talk” but claimed that “no one cares about him anymore.”

After listening to his interview, I was curious to know what Renzo Gracie’s students thought of Mr. Danis. Noticing Tom DeBlass was online, I reached out to him.

Here at the Jiu-Jitsu Times, we’ve written extensively on Professor DeBlass, so he doesn’t need too much of an introduction. However, for those who don’t know, Tom received his black belt Ricardo Almeida, who is a student of Renzo. He is also one of Garry Tonon’s instructors.

When I showed Dillion’s interview to Professor DeBlass, he was less than flattered, to put it gently.

“Please quote me on this,” DeBlass told the Jiu-Jitsu Times. “Dillon is a child. He’s just a boy. I literally have no response to this verbally. I simply don’t play these games. Tell Dillon to call me a pussy face-to-face, when there aren’t hundreds of people in between us. We can see how that works out. Good luck.”

Anyone want to make bets on who would win that fight?


  1. This Dillon kid is just a bad person. Don’t know Marcello but he seems nice. Met Renzo a few times and he acted like we were good friends.


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