Tom DeBlass to Sponsor Additional ADCC Women’s Trials

As a minority in the sport, female BJJ athletes often struggle to find representation and opportunities to compete on large stages alongside male competitors. Men have double the people in each of their ADCC divisions than the women do. But this year, Ocean County’s Tom DeBlass wants to help more women get to the biggest BJJ competition in the world.

Earlier today, the jersey black belt announced on Facebook that he would be holding two women’s divisions at this years east coast qualifiers. The winners of both will have their entire trip and entrance fee to the west coast trials payed for by DeBlass himself.

2020 has seen female grapplers like Ffion Davies and Luiza Montiero light the competition scene on fire. With more gestures like this, the number of dynamic female athletes in the sport will only grow. Plus, the cash prize for the men’s divisions ain’t too shabby.

The JJT will follow this story as it develops.


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