Tony Ferguson’s Wife Has Filed A Restraining Order Against Him Following Multiple Domestic Disturbance Reports

Image Source: Tony Ferguson via Instagram

UFC lightweight competitor Tony Ferguson has been served a restraining order by his wife, according to a report from MMA Fighting. A domestic violence investigation is scheduled for March 22, with a hearing scheduled for April 5.

Multiple police reports obtained by MMA Fighting detail some of the fighter’s alleged behavior over the past year (with three incidents in the past three months), which includes “tearing apart the house,” “breaking apart the fireplace,” and “throwing holy water,” according to the callers who reported the incidents. The callers also said that Tony believed that someone had put a “[computer] chip in his leg,” “hadn’t slept in three days,” and “believed someone was in his walls.”

According to the report, Tony owns a taser and had repeatedly refused to seek medical help for his behavior. However, Cristina told law enforcement that her husband hadn’t physically harmed her or anyone else.

In January 2018, a police report states that Ferguson’s father called him “out of control” and made him leave the house. That same month, Ferguson reported his wife and child missing after they left the house.

Dana White had previously referenced “personal issues” facing Ferguson to explain why the fighter hadn’t been in the Octagon recently despite winning his past eleven fights.

Since the news broke of the restraining order, Ferguson has put up two (vague) tweets and an Instagram post thanking fans for their support.


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