It Took 7 Police Officer To Take Down A Former Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist

Some people in this world of ours are simply challenging to arrest.  One of those people is 1996 Olympic wrestling gold medalist, Vyacheslav Oliynyk, one of the most decorated amateur wrestlers of his generation.  Vyacheslav fought off SEVEN police officers while they were trying to arrest him for being drunk in public.

Police officers seemingly arrest people on an hourly basis, but these seven troopers will probably think twice before they decide to arrest someone like Oliynyk.


  1. Actually, he’s lucky he didn’t do this here. Here, the Police Officers would quickly have become frightened for their own safety and commenced firing with their sidearms and/or tasers until he stopped breathing. All justifiable of course. (I mean, it IS 1 against 7; that’s CRAZY! There’s no telling what he could be capable of.)

    Wisely he chose to do this in a place where the authorities aren’t easily frightened, choosing instead to take him into custody and let him live.


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