Travis Newaza Claims Couldn’t Compete In EBI Because Didn’t Sleep With ONNIT Founder And Join Cult

Professional grappler Travis Newaza is claiming that he wasn’t able to compete in EBI because he refused to sleep with ONNIT founder, Aubrey Marcus.

But that’s not all. Newaza is also claiming it was because he refused to start a “poly family” with Marcus in the founder’s “cult” in Sedona, Arizona.

This guy is stopping me from competing at EBI because I wouldn’t sleep with him and start a poly family with him in his cult camp in Sedona, Arizona.
His name is Michael but he goes by @aubreymarcus he’s a coward and I wanna compete against him and rip him apart! He never would because he lives of other achievements! He never would take the Jiu Jitsu classes at @onnit because of his huge ego!please know I guys I wanted to compete this guy is getting In the way! #porra

Bravo later replied in the thread, but it was deleted.

Not everyone in the story believed Newaza’s claims, though:

Everyone go up and read @eddiebravo10 reply in this thread. Unfortunately @travisnewaza is going through a tough time and felt the need to concoct this story, but it just isn’t true. He is still a good guy and is deserving of compassion; my hope is that he posts an apology for the defamatory, negligent and false claims he has made.

Eddie Bravo’s response:

What do you think of Newaza’s story?

Check out the Instagram below:

Imagine the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone. Go ahead, think about it. Now connect to the pain you felt that led up to you doing whatever that thing was. The emotional turbulence, the insecurity, the anger, the delusion. Now imagine all of the times that you have punished yourself for doing that thing. All the times you felt bad, the happiness you pushed away because you didn’t feel worthy. I had an opportunity to remind myself tonight that whenever someone lashes out against you they are in pain. And whenever they figure out what they have done, when all the justifications fade away, be it in this lifetime or not, there will be the unrelenting pain of guilt. The perpetrator suffers because he is compelled by a wound, and he punishes himself for the wound he inflicted. When we realize this, that all victimization comes from pain, it leads to compassion. The ultimate act of compassion is forgiveness, whether you are perpetrator or victim. People will do things to you that you don’t deserve. You have the right to protect yourself, and you should. But we also have the ability to forgive, to resonate with compassion, which is the salve that heals all wounds.

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