Two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletes Scammed Out Of Thousands Of Dollars On Their Way To Abu Dhabi Grand Slam

CC0 Creative Commons/Pixabay

Two Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes were scammed out of thousands of dollars on their way to the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam.

Jaime Canuto, Patrick Gaudio, and Carlos Alberto Oliveira bought plane tickets from Rio de Janeiro to Abu Dhabi for the upcoming tournament on January 12 and 13 and for the IBJJF European Championships in Lisbon, which will be from January 15 – 21.

However, when they got to the airport, they were told their travel bookings didn’t exist.

We fell for a scam,” Gaudio said in a quote from Flograppling. “To arrive at the airport and go through this embarrassment… We don’t have sponsors — this money that disappeared was our own.”

The three said they lost over $3000 dollars.

Gaudio was the only one able to make alternative flight arrangements. However, he will only be able to compete in Lisbon.

Both Patrick Gaudio and Jaime Canuto are trying to get back some of the money they lost by offering to do seminars.

If you or someone you know would be interested in holding a seminar with either Gaudio or Canuto, please contact them through the following links:

Jaime Canuto: Facebook/Instagram

Patrick Gaudio: Facebook/Instagram


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