Two MMA Fighters Save Lives In Vienna Terror Attack


Two men later revealed to be MMA fighters out of Austria are being credited with saving the lives of two people during the terror attack in Vienna days ago.

According to the BBC, Recep Gultekin and Mikail Özen, both of Turkish descent, had gone to get a coffee together before COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were implemented again when a man described as a 20-year-old “Islamist terrorist” opened fire near a synagogue in the Austrian capital. The attack would ultimately kill two men and two women, and the gunman was shot dead by the police.

In the midst of the chaos, Gultekin and Özen, along with Palestinian man Osama Joda, leaped into action. Gultekin was shot in the leg while coming to the aid of an elderly woman with Özen, and the two also carried a wounded police officer (to whom Joda had administered first aid) to safety.

Ozan Ceyhun, the Turkish ambassador to Austria, hosted Özen and Gultekin at the embassy and honored them for their bravery during the attack.

Gultekin and Özen have been confirmed to be MMA fighters by multiple outlets and are listed on Sherdog. Özen’s record includes a TKO in 2016 that took place at just 43 seconds into the first round.


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