Two Women Arrested For Running A Toddler “Fight Club” At Daycare [VIDEO]

CBS New York News: Two New Jersey twenty-somethings have found themselves in hot water with the law after a terribly odd turn of events. The two women, 22-yer-old Erica Kenny and 28-year old Chanese White were recently busted by police for allegedly organizing and running a “fight club” for toddlers. Yes, you read that correctly. Kenny and White, both daycare workers, were heard referencing the 1996 Brad Pitt drama in a video they uploaded to Snapchat. Both women now face child endangerment charges.

Police said that the women used the daycare where they worked as the setting for this bizarre event in which they allegedly encouraged about a dozen kids, ages four to six, to fight. In the uploaded video the children can be seen fighting, hitting one another and throwing each other to the ground. Police are still investigating the details surrounding the case, but the good news is none of the children were seriously injured.


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