UFC 224 RESULTS: Amanda Nunes TKO’s Bloodied Raquel Pennington In Final Round Of Main Event

Amanda Nunes is still the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion of the world!

Nunes took on Raquel Pennington in the main event of UFC 224.

Nunes took Pennington’s legs right out from under her in the first minute, but Raquel got right back up.

Nunes hip fainted, then took Pennington down again with a leg kick. She then landed another, but Raquel landed a jab.

There was significant damage on Raquel’s leg and the first two minutes of the fight weren’t even up. It wasn’t looking good for her.

Pennington kept her back up against the cage as Nunes faked, then threw punches.

Raquel was still in it, though, and she landed an uppercut.

Nunes continued to chase Pennington around the cage, however, and Pennington looked nervous.

Raquel went in for a reaching takedown in the last 30 seconds of the first round, but couldn’t get anything. She followed up with a small flurry, but the first round was clearly in Nunes’ favor.

Despite her corner’s advice, Raquel started the second round on the defensive. Again, she had her back up against the cage. Nunes was clearly in her head.

The champ threw a body kick, then swung for the fences as she kept coming forward at the challenger.

Raquel moved forward with some punches to the body, but Nunes remained the aggressor, forcing her to keep her back to the cage.

Pennington shot in for a takedown, but Nunes stuffed her and kneed her. The champ then followed up with a spinning body kick.

Pennington then grabbed one of Nunes legs, and after a struggle, took Nunes down. She did little damage while on top of the champion, though, before the round ended.

Raquel showed more confidence in the third round, perhaps due to her takedown. Pennington went to the center of the cage and threw some punches. But when Raquel charged in with more punches, Nunes changed her level and took Pennington down.

From there, she worked in Raquel’s half guard, trying to flatten her out. Raquel then moved to full guard and wrapped up the champion’s arms and held her close. The referee was getting impatient and stopped the match to stand both fighters up.

Pennington landed two shots and then went for a single, pressing Nunes against the cage. She couldn’t get the takedown, though.

Raquel then landed a nice right. Nunes then went for a takedown, but couldn’t get anything. Pennington went for another takedown as the round drew to a close.

Nice back and forth with punches in the fourth round. Pennington at first looked like she was prepared to stay in the pocket with Nunes, but then she moved with her back to the cage.

Raquel came in with a diving takedown, but Nunes responded with an outside trip. Again, Pennington wrapped the champion’s arms up to hold her down. Nunes tried to pass, but couldn’t do much.

Pennington stood up and ate three knees to the body, but also landed a right.

Raquel went for a takedown, but Nunes went for a Kimura. The two broke away from each other and the champion charged in with a one-two. She then went for the Thai clinch and landed some knees, but Pennington caught one of her knees, holding it as the round ended.

The two started out the fifth and final round with a hug, but the love ended there. Nunes chased her challenger to the outside of the cage, forcing her to eat shot after shot.

Nunes then took the challenger down with a double leg. From there, she landed a few short hammer fists and then landed a knee.

Pennington’s nose was twisted and bleeding profusely. She rolled to her knees as Nunes turned the heat up on her. She couldn’t get away, though, and the champion kept raining down punches.

As Raquel’s blood dyed the canvas red, the referee had no choice but to end the fight.

Winner by fifth round TKO, and still UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion: Amanda Nunes!!!


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