UFC 224 RESULTS: Mackenzie Dern Continues Undefeated Streak With First Round RNC Over Cooper

Mackenzie Dern may have gotten off to a rough start in her second fight for the UFC, but she certainly ended it with ease.

After weighing in seven pounds heavy, Dern faced Amanda Cooper in a catchweight fight.

No touch of the gloves for these two. Dern jabbed, but Cooper jabbed right back. About a minute in, Mackenzie swung for the fences, but didn’t hit much.

Dern again threw a massive right, but didn’t land with enough to do any noticeable damage.

Another big right and Cooper went down. Mackenzie Dern swarmed and as Amanda turned to her stomach, the BJJ champion snaked her arms in under Cooper’s chin and forced the tap.

Winner by first round rear naked choke: Mackenzie Dern!

And again, the translator was in the cage translating for Dern, despite the fact that she speaks fluent English. This time, though, Mackenzie addressed the crowd in what sounded like flawless Portuguese.


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