UFC 232 RESULTS: Michael Chiesa Taps Carlos Condit With One-Armed Kimura

Michael Chiesa has just earned himself a huge win over a former UFC champion.

Chiesa took on former Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit in the third to final fight of UFC 232, utilizing excellently timed takedowns and superior grappling to triumph over the former champion.

The match started out with a touch of the gloves, and Chiesa took the center of the cage immediately. The two didn’t waste any time getting started, with both throwing punches and Condit throwing a high kick.

The two fighters clinched and Chiesa took Condit down with a trip. Chiesa attempted an armbar, but Condit got out. Chiesa moved to the back, but Condit escaped and the fight went back to standing.

Chiesa pressed Condit up against the cage and again took Condit down, falling into his half guard. Condit moved Chiesa into his guard. Both fighters threw strikes, and Condit transitioned into an armbar. He had the arm extended, but Chiesa pulled himself up, and the fight went back to standing.

For a third time, Chiesa took Condit down, landing in side control. Condit rolled and tried to take the back, but instead grabbed and leg. Chiesa struggled free, though, and exchanged strikes from 50/50. Condit briefly took the top position before the round came to a close.

Again Chiesa took the center of the cage, and after chasing Condit and exchanging blows, he took Condit down for a fourth time. This time, he got a Kimura and submitted Condit with one arm.

Though Condit’s arm was all the way behind his back, the former Interim Welterweight Champion got up and congratulated Chiesa on his huge win.


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