UFC Fight Island 4 Results: Holly Holm Gets Decisive Win Against Irene Aldana

The main event of UFC Fight Island 4 saw former bantamweight champion Holly Holm take on Irene Aldana in an exciting bout. The matchup was originally scheduled for August 1, but had to be rescheduled after Aldana tested positive for COVID-19 back in July. In the end, Holm took home a big win in a fight that was jam-packed with big kicks, punches, and takedowns.

Aldana pressured forward as soon as the fight began, with both fighters being cautious of each other’s power. Holm then pushed forward with a strong combination, coming in again with a series of quick punches to push Aldana to the cage. Holm circled her opponent and continued to come forward with quick combos, and Aldana finally countered with a quick combo of her own. In the last minute of the first round, Holm shot for a takedown and brought Aldana to her knees, though Aldana was able to get to her feet. Holm pushed Aldana against the cage and was soon able to bring her to the ground, finishing round one in Aldana’s half-guard as she rained down punches.

Round two saw Aldana push forward with more aggression, throwing a kick and a quick punch combo. Holm continued to circle her opponent and came forward with a big hook that staggered Aldana. Aldana tried to push Holm toward the cage. Holm level-changed for a takedown, which Aldana avoided, but Holm then pushed Aldana to the cage and managed to get Aldana to the ground with about two minutes left in the round. Aldana recovered butterfly guard, and the fight soon returned to the feet. With about thirty seconds left in the round, Holm landed a few solid strikes and kicks, strategically maintaining distance as the second round ended.

Round three began again with Aldana trying to push Holm back, with Holm maintaining a safe distance. Holm again went for a successful takedown, with Aldana holding her in half-guard before Holm managed to get to side control. Aldana tried to create space, but Holm landed a few heavy body strikes before managing to transition to mount. Holm landed some big strikes to Aldana’s head, but Aldana did manage to get back to her feet. Holm rushed Aldana to the cage, though the fighters separated with a bit over a minute left in the round. As the final seconds of the round wound down, Holm pressured forward again with strike combos.

Neither fighter had slowed down at the start of round four, and Aldana pressured Holm back toward the cage. Aldana managed to avoid some big strikes and dodged a level-change from Holm, taking a couple of big kicks from her opponent in the process. Holm continued to land kicks to the body and legs, then went for a takedown that ended in a body lock against the cage before she managed to get Aldana to the ground, landing in Aldana’s closed guard. The fighters separated and returned to the feet with under two minutes to go. In the final thirty seconds of the round, Holm again went for a takedown, though Aldana was able to defend.

In the fifth and final round, Holm started off by landing a series of jabs on Aldana. Aldana was more aggressive with her combos, but found trouble closing the distance between herself and Holm. Holm continued to counter her opponent’s strikes, continuing to keep her away with kicks to the body. With just over a minute left, Holm again successfully got a takedown and worked to get past Aldana’s guard, and though Aldana was able to separate herself and get to her feet, Holm landed a hard kick to her opponent’s head as she scrambled up. Holm finished the fight strong, aggressively going after Aldana and successfully landing a series of hard punches and kicks and forcing Aldana up against the cage. The fighters separated with seconds to go until the end of the bout, and Aldana wasn’t able to land any more significant strikes on Holm before time ran out.

Holm took home the big win via unanimous decision.


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