UFC Fighter Robert Whittaker Earned His Brown Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Robert Whittaker

The UFC fighter Robert Whittaker earned his brown belt, which made him very proud. He made the announcement May 2017.

The belt was given to him by his coaches Alex Prates and Mauricio Cavicchini. He was “stoked” about receiving the belt because he knew that he had earned a true honor.

Whittaker has been making a name for himself for some time. He knocked out Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza in the tournament in Sydney, which put him on the map. Whittaker won the BJJ Sydney tournament that year, and being given the brown belt validated his talent.


He became known as the first UFC fighter to knock out Jacare. The fighter had already gained fans, but no one would have imagined that he would be able to knock out such an accomplished fighter.

There is no telling how far this belt will take the fighter. He is a man who always aspires for something better and wants to challenge himself one way or another. He knows there is more fight in him and is hoping for great matches in the future.

Robert Whittaker makes the UFC an exciting sport to watch because he brings honor, strength, and ferocious talent to each match up.


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