UFC Flyweight Gillian Robertson Submits Pearl Gonzalez At SUG 20

UFC flyweight fighter Gillian Robertson was a technical, aggressive force against Invicta strawweight fighter Pearl Gonzalez at today’s Submission Underground 20. In the end, she finished the match in regulation with under a minute to go.

Gonzalez forced Robertson against the cage and took her to the ground, but Robertson soon reversed the position, working her way into side control and then mount. Gonzalez propelled herself off the cage to escape, and they returned to their feet. Robertson then scooped up a leg and took Gonzalez down, and as she moved to north-south, Gonzalez put a triangle around her head. However, Robertson’s arms were free, and she was able to get out and transition to mount, then returning to side control.

With about a minute left, Gonzalez rolled to her knees, and Robertson capitalized to take the back, lock in a hook, and quickly submit Gonzalez with a rear naked choke.


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