UFC Flyweight Title Rematch Ends in Controversial Split Draw Between Shevchenko and Grasso

After Alexa Grasso shocked the world by handing longtime UFC flyweight queen Valentina Shevchenko the Bullet’s first ever defeat in the Octagon at 125 pounds via submission, all eyes were on the rematch — which ignited immediate controversy when the five-round title fight ended in a split draw this weekend, with scores of 48-47 for Shevchenko, 48-47 for Grasso, and a final score of 47-47.

As a result, Grasso retains the flyweight belt, though she seemed disappointed not to have earned a clear victory, telling reporters after the fight, “I did a lot of damage. All of my punches were hard, and yes, I’m the winner. I think I did enough.”

Shevchenko also disagreed with the judges’ decision to score the fight as a split draw. Per MMA Fighting, the former champion believes she won three of the five rounds: “I think it really was 3-2 on my side. But the judges I think felt a little bit of pressure because it’s Mexican Independence Day, that’s why the give one more to the Mexican fighter. I fought to the end and I think I did enough. In a fair competition, the victory would be mine.”

Though many fans are now clamoring for a trilogy fight to settle the Shevchenko versus Grasso rivalry, a rubber match has not been confirmed by either athlete at this time.


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