UFC Reportedly Hasn’t Paid Wonderboy After Opponent Missed Weight

EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this story was titled “UFC Reportedly Refuses Payday to Wonderboy After Opponent Misses Weight.” However, additional reporting from new sources indicates that although payment has not been made, it has also not yet been outright refused.

Our original headline, and the contents of the story, have been corrected as of Monday, July 31, 8:45 PM EST to clarify the facts, and reflect this emerging information. We will continue to update this story as it unfolds, and will issue additional corrections if necessary.

A highly-anticipated welterweight matchup between Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and Michel Pereira was scrapped from UFC 291’s main card after Pereira missed weight by several pounds. Wonderboy refused a catchweight bout, explaining his decision in a statement published to his official Instagram account.

“At my age and given what I’ve accomplished in the sport, I’m not here to be a gatekeeper, I’m here to fight for and win a UFC welterweight title,” wrote the 40-year-old UFC star, who added, “Fighters who miss weight face far too few consequences and are often allowed to fight with a significant competitive advantage. This appears to be happening more and more these days. Hopefully the decision to not move forward with the fight will discourage others from missing weight in the future.”

Despite successfully making weight himself, however, Wonderboy did not receive his “show” money by the UFC, per Mike Bohn. The decision has led to an outcry from fight fans, many of whom have criticized the UFC previously for what they believe to be unfair and predatory treatment of athletes by the executives in charge of the organization.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Thompson confirmed Bohn’s reporting as of Monday, July 31, that he has still not received his payment. However, he went on to add that his management “is talking to the UFC,” and that he remains hopeful that Dana White will ultimately ensure that Wonderboy is paid what he’s owed.

“I know Dana White is on vacation,” Thompson explained to Helwani. “The guy is a workaholic, so well deserved, but I feel like the UFC is going to do right by me. I’ve done everything that I’m supposed to do, and I tried to be as honorable as possible when it comes down to signing my contract and abiding by it.”

However, Thompson added that he will be “disappointed” if things fall through. “One hundred percent, I’ll be disappointed,” he admitted during the interview. “Who wouldn’t be? When you show up, and you’re on point, and you have done nothing wrong and your opponent has, it would just really stink if that was the case. But me being the positive guy that I am, I feel like they’re going to do right by me, and that’s why I’m still smiling right now.”


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