UFC Vegas 22 Full Results: Derek Brunson Defeats Kevin Holland

UFC Vegas 22 saw a night of action that concluded with a first-round KO from Max Griffin in his fight against Kenan Song, then a dominant performance from Derek Brunson against Kevin Holland in a main event that went the distance.

Co-Main Event

Kenan Song vs. Max Griffin

Both fighters came out strong and aggressive, then Griffin knocked Song back to the cage with a solid combo. Song was pushed against the cage, trying to stop Griffin’s takedown and ultimately managing to twist his way out of immediate danger. Griffin landed a solid leg kick that noticeably hurt Song, but Song still pushed forward with some push-kicks and body kicks of his own. A right hand from Griffin spelled out the beginning of the end for Song, though, causing him to stumble back toward the cage and creating an opening for Griffin to knock him down and finish the fight with a one-two combo.

Max Griffin was declared the winner by KO at 2:20 in round one, marking his second win in a row.

Main Event

Derek Brunson vs. Kevin Holland

Brunson opened up with a kick, and Holland responded with a front kick and punch of his own. Holland then slipped, and Brunson capitalized on it by leaping on top of him, coming into Holland’s closed guard. Brunson came in heavy with punches and elbows, and Holland tried to stay safe and active, opening his hips and looking for submission opportunities and not finding many. It wasn’t until the last few seconds of the round that Holland fully opened his guard and was able to create enough space to get to his feet before the fight moved into round two.

Holland opened round two with a big kick before entering the clinch with Brunson. Brunson took advantage of the proximity by sending a knee into Holland’s body before breaking free from the hold with a big left hand. Holland spun away from his opponent, then landed a right hand that staggered Brunson before following it up with a few more big hits that sent Brunson to the ground. Brunson wasn’t done, though, and he sprawled forward to snatch up one of Holland’s legs, elevating it and managing to push Holland against the cage before taking him down and transitioning to mount. Though Holland managed to force Brunson into half-mount, Brunson found the opportunity for a head-arm choke attempt. Holland, however, managed to defend and then return to his feet, though it was only moments before Brunson landed another takedown, getting in a few mores strikes before the round ended.

Round three saw more of the same, with Holland trying to take Brunson down and ending up on his back himself. Brunson continued to land strikes from the top position, with Holland very vocal and throwing a few hits of his own from guard. Holland’s best efforts to control his opponent’s arms and look for a way to make the position work in his favor were negated by Brunson’s posture, and the round finished unquestionably favoring Brunson.

Holland was still chatty as ever at the start of round four, knocking Brunson back with a quick combo. Brunson tried twice to shoot for a takedown, ultimately getting stuck in a clinch with his opponent instead. He then landed a solid pair of uppercuts before once again taking the action to the ground, shutting down Holland’s attempt to get back to his feet. Brunson stuck to what had been working for him throughout the fight, hitting Holland with punches and elbows from inside his guard. Holland managed to create space and return to his feet with about a minute to go, but wasn’t able to do anything with it as Brunson kept him tied up until the round ended.

In the fifth and final round, Brunson avoided a head kick and punch from Holland to slip into the clinch. This time, though, Holland tripped Brunson to the ground and ended up in his guard. Holland tried to do some damage with a slam, but Brunson didn’t seem fazed and eventually managed to get up to his feet after creating space. Brunson tried for one last takedown before the end of the fight, but ultimately decided to stay on his feet until the end of the fight.

The judges awarded the victory to Derek Brunson via unanimous decision.

Full Results:


  • Bruno Silva def. JP Buys via TKO (2:56, Round 2)
  • Montel Jackson def. Jesse Strader via TKO (1:58, Round 1)
  • Trevin Giles def. Roman Dolidze via decision
  • Grant Dawson def. Leonardo Santos via KO (4:59, Round 3)
  • Macy Chiasson def. Marion Reneau via decision

Main Card:

  • Tai Tuivasa def. Harry Hunsucker via TKO (0:49, Round 1)
  • Adrian Yanez def. Gustavo Lopez via KO (0:27, Round 3)
  • Montserrat Ruiz def. Cheyanne Buys via decision
  • Max Griffin def. Kenan Song via KO (2:20, Round 1)
  • Derek Brunson def. Kevin Holland via decision


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