Unconfirmed Reports That Leandro Lo Was In A Club Brawl, Reportedly Hit In The Head With A Bottle

According to reddit, IBJJF World Champion Leandro Lo was in a club brawl last night and he reportedly got hit in the head with a bottle.

Leandro Lo got hit with a bottle in the head and broke a guy’s orbital bone last night in a club

Reports on reddit also said he broke his opponent’s orbital bone.

According to one person with the name “katch_22,” an “old gym” had Lo over for a seminar. katch_22 described Lo as “apparently…quite the a**hole.”

katch_22 admitted he wasn’t there during the incident, but reported:

the gym flew him [Lo] out and put him in a nice hotel for a seminar. they described him as a “cro-magnon” and far from friendly. while at his hotel he pulled the fire alarm which resulted in the fire department being called and the gym being stuck with the bill for it.

Another person with the name “hamandegger187: said:

They took him [Lo] to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant after a seminar and he got into an altercation there with an old man. They said he’s like a wild animal and he was sober…then again he’s been packing on some muscle.

We should point out that none of this has been confirmed yet, and Leandro Lo should be treated as innocent until proven otherwise. The Jiu-Jitsu Times will update this story as information becomes available.


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