Up Kicks Are Now LEGAL in EBI Combat Jiu Jitsu

Eddie Bravo has announced that up kicks will now be legal in combat jiu-jitsu matches.

The announcement comes after months of speculation when Bravo first revealed that he was working on commission approval. He was quoted in a 2017 Jiu Jitsu Times article, saying:

I’m working on getting upkicks allowed, gonna run it by the commission. Some competitors were feeling too comfortable standing over their opponent who was in open guard. Allowing upkicks will force the guy standing to get down and pass the guard. Again, cjj is all about Jiu Jitsu. The strikes weren’t added for tkos, they were added to open up submissions.

He made the announcement on Joe Rogan’s Fight Companion podcast on Sunday. Is this really an effort to keep jiu-jitsu honest?


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