Vagner Rocha Wants Jiu-Jitsu To Quit Being Soft Before It Ruins The Art

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Vagner Rocha has long been a controversial figure concerning his hard-nose style of jiu-jitsu. There are many competitors and fans that would even say despite its effectiveness, his style makes him a dirty grappler. In an Instagram post earlier today, he defended against those allegations by putting the grappling world on blast.

Here’s the message of the post:

“When I was a child doing jiu-jitsu almost 20 years ago a black belt in jiu-jitsu was untouchable to a regular civilian in all aspects of self defense. In a roll, in a fight, in an MMA fight, in gi or no gi, any back belt young or old, small or big was a killer. Today we use the phrase “ The Gentle Art” and it misleads us when we train. I think this mind set is watering down the art and actually making it “The Gentle “Soft” Art”. That’s because our art has become softened by the rules we set for competition. It is also the reason we see fewer and fewer true jiu-jitsu Artist in MMA.

Let’s break it down guys, when you train knowing “I can’t do this in a regular jiu-jitsu tournament” you are not training with the same intensity that makes the art so effective. Jiu-jitsu is a self-defense art and there has to be more influence on chasing the finish at all cost. So one day just as we look at karate and laugh, our art, jiu-jitsu, will be just the same. Then someone will create another art that is similar to ours but more powerful and superior.

Sambo for example is already considered to be better. Look at the UFC lightweight champ Khabib. He is doing something very similar to BJJ, and it’s a submission-based art on the ground. We need to bring back real jiu-jitsu, hard nose, and tough unbreakable minds. I see the words no-Nutella and #porrada all the time now but how many people have actually stepped in with someone trying to kill, “real porrada”. I mean no disrespect to the originators of those expressions either. This goes out to the next generations. The ones who criticize the types of moves I hit in matches. The ones that complain “That’s ugly”, or “Is that legal?”, or “That’s just wrong.”  I’m teaching an anytime style of jujitsu, not just one that wins you a medal. If you don’t like what I do, good luck to you. Hopefully the members of your tribe will not get left behind in history. But only the strong survive in this world.”

What do you think? Is Vagner a dirty fighter or is the competition scene getting too soft and ruining the self-defense origins the art was based on?


  1. I agree in a sense I just hope people dont read it and forget about the whole leverage over strength aspect of jiu jitsu.

    The most injuries in my opinion actually happen from trying to roll soft because theres always someone who turns it up unexpectedly.

    When both people agree to go hard or go soft and the whole roll stays that way injuries dont happen as often.

    From my experience (I’ve been injured a lot so I’m an expert lol) they happen when
    1:someone turns it up unexpectedly
    2: both competitors tense up on their feet instead of working practical takedowns.


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