A Veteran, BJJ Purple Belt And Father Of 3 Was Shot Hours After Belt Promotion

Army combat veteran and a father of 3 Kevin Phelps was murdered in front of his home in Bixby via a fatal gunshot wound. Family, friends, and neighbors are shocked by the incident, with his sudden death seemingly random.

Bixby police noted that Phelps and Earnest Liggins were having a heated discussion when a bystander called the police. Right before the police arrived, shots were fired. The developing story is still unraveling, but neighbors have noted that Phelps was a quiet man, with his children playing regularly with the neighborhood kids. Neighbors said that Liggins has never been seen before, but police say that both men knew each other.

Unfortunately, police will not say what the argument was about. An adjacent neighbor stated that he observed one man push the other right before the shooting, and that a neighbor grabbed the gun from Liggins after it was discharged.

The quiet bedroom community is shocked, with Phelps’ Jiu Jitsu coach, Omar French, giving Phelps a promotion to 4 stripe purple belt just a few hours before the incident. French and Phelps knew each other for almost eight years. Phelps three daughters were home at the time of the shooting.

Bixby police note that this is the first murder in 2017.

Support For Kevin Phelps Daughters: GoFundMe




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