Video Resurfaces Of Store Clerk Using BJJ Skills To Take Down Would-Be Robber

Almost three years ago, Ebrahim Gawargi put his BJJ skills to use at work, where he was a clerk at a Mobil gas station in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Gawargi was minding his own business when a robber, later identified as 46-year-old John Benedict, came into the store and tried to steal hundreds of dollars from the cash register. Unfortunately for the suspect, Garwagi had been training at Connors Martial Arts Academy for two years, where he’d learned the jiu-jitsu techniques he would ultimately use to subdue his significantly larger attacker, who was thankfully unarmed.

The footage from the incident is from a few years ago, but is now making the rounds again as the BJJ community rediscovers this cool story.

You can check out the footage and Garwagi’s interview with Channel 5 Boston below:


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