Von Flue Choke Finish At UFC Mexico

UFC Fight Night 114: Pettis vs. Moreno kicked off by making history.

In the very first fight of the card, Jordon “All Day” Rinaldi submitted his opponent, Alvarro Herrera, via Von Flue choke. So far, only three other fighters have won a match via Von Flue in the UFC.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Von Flue choke, it is a shoulder choke done from side control. It usually happens when the person under the side mount mistakenly holds onto a guillotine choke. The choke is named after Jason Von Flue, who submitted Alex Karalexis with it at Ultimate Fight Night 3.

You can check out the choke below:

After a loss at his UFC debut back in May of last year, the Von Flue choke gives Rinaldi his first victory in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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