Watching Olympic Judo Online See How

If you don’t want to miss any of the judo matches at the Rio Olympics, is the place to be.

Here is a summary of all the judo matches taking place in Rio, with the dates and times of each match included.

The judo tournament will be held from August 6 to August 12, which is the first week of the Olympics. Two weight divisions — one women’s, one men’s — will compete on the mat each day, with all the matches (from the preliminaries to the final bout) occurring on the same day.

Timetable by Weight Division

Day one (August 6): Women’s forty-eight kilograms, men’s sixty kilograms
Day two (August 7): Women’s fifty-two kilograms, men’s sixty-six kilograms
Day three (August 8): Women’s fifty-seven kilograms, men’s seventy-three kilograms
Day four (August 9): Women’s sixty-three kilograms, men’s eighty-one kilograms
Day five (August 10): Women’s seventy kilograms, men’s ninety kilograms
Day six (August 11): Women’s seventy-eight kilograms, men’s 100 kilograms
Day seven (August 12): Women’s seventy-eight plus kilograms, men’s 100 plus kilograms

Daily Timetable
Preliminaries: 09:00 to 12:00 ET
Finals: 14:30 to 17:10 ET

The matches will be held on two mats. will feature live streams for both mats. Watch Here


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