White Belt Kid Defends Himself Against Angry Attacker At The Playground Using His Martial Arts Knowledge

A recent Daily Mail article highlighting the potential benefits of martial arts training has gone viral.

Connor Jackson has been practicing martial arts for about four years, and he was at a park in Walsall when the man confronted him. The man was allegedly upset at Connor’s younger brother, who was fighting with the man’s son.

Nathan Jackson told  Daily Mail: ‘The lads would have gone at him if Connor didn’t defend himself.’

The man was encouraging his son to fight Connor’s brother, but when the child refused the man turned his attention to Connor. Footage of the incident shows the man trying to punch Connor, who immediately goes into a Brazilian jiu-jitsu defensive stance.

Connor blocked the man’s punch before appearing to land two punches of his own. As Connor removed himself and his brother from the situation the older man hurled a scooter at Connor, leaving him with a cut on his head.

Police in the area spoke the the children, the man and witnesses, but in the end Connor refused to press charges. “This is the first time Connor’s had to use what he knows and actually go face-to-face with somebody like that,” said Connor’s father.



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