WNO: Who’s Next Finale Results, Gordon Ryan Dominates But Doesn’t Meet His Prediction

Gordon Ryan is officially the new WNO Heavyweight champion, and he made it look easy. 

In typical Gordon Ryan fashion, he slipped the commentators a sealed envelope before the match, not to be revealed until after his victory. For the first time, he wasn’t able to correctly call his shot. 

The match lasted more than 25-minutes, with Gordon clearly chasing the mount position, but Pedro Marinho continuously found ways to escape the position and caught onto Gordon’s strategy. At times, Marinho would give up his back, belly-down, in order to avoid the mount position that Gordon was fighting for.

When Gordon was able to get to mount, he was setting up a head-and-arm choke, but instead smothering Marinho. There were instances where Marinho was audibly grunting and gasping for air, but he was able to strategically survive the position.

Gordon had chased the smother choke for about 25-minutes before settling for an RNC and earning the tap. Gordon revealed to the audience that his sealed envelope had predicted to finish the fight by smother, but that he was unable to secure the submission on Marinho, and gave Marinho props for finding the space to breathe. After the no-time-limit co-main event had kept everyone waiting for nearly 2-hours, he told the crowd that he figured he would get this match wrapped up.

We’ll see Gordon Ryan competing next when he faces off against Felipe Pena for their trilogy bout.

The WNO Finale winner is still yet to be determined, as the no-time-limit match between Kyle Chambers and Izaak Michell is still in progress at the time of this writing.


Mike Rakshan def. Spencer “Sewer Rat” Fossier via Submission (Camel Crusher) at 4:55

Big Dan Manasoiu def. Tristan Overvig via Submission (Inside Heel Hook) at 4:41

Max Hanson def. Fabian Ramirez via split decision

Giancarlo Bodoni defeats Jay Rodriguez via Unanimous decision

Andrew Tackett Submits Rene Sousa via Rear Naked Choke

Nicholas Meregali Submits Breylor Grout via Arm Triangle Choke

Kyle Chambers vs Izaak Michell (Still Going)

Gordon Ryan Submits Pedro Marinho via Rear Naked Choke


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