WNO Announces Potential Card Of The Year For Gordon Ryan vs. Felipe Pena On August 7

The long-awaited ‘Gordon Ryan vs. Felipe Pena 3’ is finally set to take the stage on August 7, but now that the full card has been announced, fans have a whole bunch more to be excited about.

The card will feature some of the most exciting names currently in our sport and a slew of ADCC veterans to include Jacob Couch, Jay Rod, Mica Galvao, Alan Sanchez, Nicholas Meregali, Rafael Lovato Jr., Bia Mesquita, and much more.

Fabricio Andrey vs. Fabian Ramirez kicks us off, with Ramirez making his second WNO appearance against the ADCC Trials winner and IBJJF World Champion Fabricio Andrey.

Diogo ‘Baby-Shark’ Reis vs. Estevan ‘Giant Slayer’ Martinez will feature two of the most notable names in the rooster-weight division. Reis is a highly-decorated Juvenile IBJJF World Champion and ADCC trials winner. Across from him, Martinez is an IBJJF NoGi World Champ who doesn’t shy from a challenge, as he’s currently coming off of a decision loss to Mikey Musumeci for the WNO Bantamweight title.

Jacob Couch vs. Jay Rodriguez is a match-up that doesn’t need much introduction. Daisy Fresh’s “The Hillbilly Hammer’ Jacob Couch is an all-action grappler with some of the most effective leg locks in the sport. But Jay Rod showed the world at ADCC Trials that his guard-passing and top game can compete among the best. These two young grapplers are both putting their strengths to the test in this one.

Bia Mesquita vs. Elisabeth Clay is our first match of World Champion vs. World Champion on the card, and could have been a main event on many other nights. The credentials are long in this one, with Mesquita boasting World Championships at the Black Belt level that go back to 2016. But she’s challenged by Clay who holds a considerable size advantage, being a former F2W Heavyweight Champion.

Mica Galvao vs. Alan Sanchez is another set of names that don’t need any introduction to those who have been paying attention. Mica Galvao is currently #5 on FloGrappling’s pound-for-pound rankings. At just 18-years old, he holds two submission victories of Keith Krikoria, and wins over Leandro Lo, Dante Leon, Lucas Barbosa, Pedro Marinho, Oliver Taza, Andrew Tackett, Tye Ruotolo, Jacob Couch, and many, many, more. But his hands will be full against 10th Planet’s Sanchez, who is a current EBI Champion and ADCC trials veteran. Sanchez’ credentials aren’t quite as long, but his athleticism and relentlessness is sure to even the playing field.

Nicholas Meregali vs. Rafael Lovato Jr. is our co-main event, featuring another class of World Champ vs. World Champ. This will be Lovato Jr.’s first appearance on the mats since retiring from IBJJF in June. The multi-time World Champ and multi-time ADCC veteran is a true legend in the game, and is taking on his successor Nicholas Meregali, who holds his own World Championships coming roughly 10-years after Lovato’s.

All of this makes for an exciting night, as fans await the no-time limit, sub-only match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena.

It all goes down at Who’s Number One on August 7th. Streaming of FloGrappling.


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