WNO Championship: Kade Ruotolo Submits Gabriel Sousa & Becomes Lightweight Champ

The final WNO Championship final of the event saw a quick, but action-packed match between Kade Ruotolo and Gabriel Sousa as they battled it out for the lightweight title.

The match started off with an aggressive, fast pace, the competitors wrestling on their feet and hunting collar ties and takedown opportunities. Two minutes in, Ruotolo charged forward with a double-leg and brought Sousa to the ground. Sousa quickly got to his feet, but Ruotolo was just as quick to search for another takedown. Ruotolo pivoted and showed Sousa his back, nearly getting taken down in the process. Ruotolo recovered nicely and again double-legged Sousa out of bounds. The competitors were reset neutrally in the center.

A scramble ensued, resulting in Ruotolo being on top and Sousa playing guard. He attacked a leg, and Ruotolo countered with a smother before pulling himself out of danger and returning to try to pass. Sousa turtled up and nearly got his back taken, rolling out of danger at first but then returning to the position. Ruotolo took the opportunity to attack, locking in a d’arce. While Sousa initially managed to defend, Ruotolo’s persistence and small adjustments earned him the tap at six minutes and fifty-two seconds into the match.

Kade Ruotolo was declared the winner of the WNO Championship lightweight title.


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