WNO Full Results: Gilbert Burns Defeats Rafael Lovato Jr.

The main event of tonight’s Who’s Number One: Lovato Jr. vs. Burns saw former Bellator Middleweight Champion Rafael Lovato Jr. face off against UFC welterweight fighter Gilbert Burns in a tough match that went the distance.

Both athletes spend the first minute of the match hand-fighting on the feet, with Lovato eventually pulling guard. Burns mostly stayed low for his passing attempts, with Lovato’s strong frames and legs proving to be a challenge for him. Lovato worked to establish grips on Burns’ wrists and legs, and a brief scramble ensued at around the nine-minue mark when Burns nearly managed to pass, but Lovato ultimately came out of the exchange with his guard intact.

Burns and Lovato both picked up the pace around the five-minute mark, with Lovato sitting up for a guillotine attempt that Burns successfully defended. With three and a half minutes to go, Burns finally managed to get past his opponent’s guard, quickly rolling Lovato over and taking his back with a body triangle. Lovato managed to escape in just under a minute, resuming playing guard and trying to secure a hold on one of Burns’ legs. After a short time in a leg entanglement, Lovato emerged in the top position, though he pulled guard in the last few seconds of the match after he and Burns returned to their feet following a scramble.

Gilbert Burns was awarded the victory via unanimous decision.


Full Results:

  • Haisam Rida def. Sloan Clymer via decision
  • Jessie Crane def. Lauren Sears via rear naked choke
  • Andrew Wiltse def. David Garmo via rear naked choke
  • Kade Ruotolo def. Ethan Crelinsten via d’arce choke
  • Grace Gundrum def. Alex My Nguyen via arm lock
  • Nicky Ryan def. PJ Barch via split decision
  • Tye Ruotolo def. William Tackett via decision
  • Gilbert Burns def. Rafael Lovato Jr. via decision


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