WNO Full Results: Gordon Ryan Successfully Predicts Submission Over Vagner Rocha

The main event of WNO: Gordon Ryan vs. Vagner Rocha ended exactly as Gordon Ryan predicted it would, as evidenced by the note in the envelope he left on the announcers’ table before the match began. Though Vagner Rocha did an admirable job defending against Ryan’s attacks, Ryan again delivered a dominant performance before finishing things early with a quick submission.

After some wrestling on the feet, Ryan went for a takedown and then sat guard before the referee called them back to the center. Ryan then sat guard and pulled Rocha in, transitioning to single-leg X to come on top as Rocha pulled him inside his own guard. Rocha kept up his frames and momentarily seemed to go for a leg attack before being forced to play defense as Ryan worked on passing.

Ryan worked past Rocha’s upper body frames and applied heavy pressure before transitioning to mount and then back control, locking in a body triangle. The competitors engaged in some mid-match trash talk, with Rocha asking Ryan, “Is that what you predicted?” in reference to Ryan’s habit of predicting the outcome of his matches before they happen. Ryan then removed one of his hooks, resecuring back control as Rocha stood up and maintaining it as the match returned to the ground. Ryan transitioned to mount and applied a heavy cross-face as Rocha stayed on his side. The smack-talk continued, and Ryan pulled his opponent to back control again.

After some time in that position, Rocha stood up with Ryan on his back, trying to shake off his opponent before Ryan hooked a leg and pulled Rocha back down to the ground. Ryan released the hooks, and Rocha pulled his way out from underneath Ryan to move into 50/50. He brought Ryan’s heel off the mat and went for an inside heel hook. It was an impressive attempt, but Ryan managed to get his foot over to the other side and put the pressure on while inside Rocha’s half-guard. Rocha succeeded in pushing forward and getting to his feet, and Ryan pulled guard. Rocha sat back to attack a leg, and Ryan came on top to put heavy pressure on his opponent.

With eleven minutes left, Ryan locked up a kimura grip, securing it with a triangle as Rocha rolled over to defend it. Rocha quickly tapped, and Ryan was declared the winner via triangle.



  • Andrew Tackett def. Sean Yandimarco via decision
  • Cole Abate def. Ned Johnson via footlock

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