Woman Facing Child Abuse Charges For Using “Jiu-Jitsu Move” To Discipline Son

Image Source: CBS12

A Florida woman has been charged with child abuse after allegedly using what reports are calling a “jiu-jitsu move” to try to take away her son’s cellphone, according to CBS12.

The woman, Tracy Shelley, said that her son had been using his phone for hours and was refusing to give it up. She attempted to get it from him by putting him in a hold that involved tightening “bother her arms around his head and neck,” according to the report, which seems to imply it was a guillotine choke or some variation. Although the boy didn’t pass out, he did have red marks on his neck.

It is currently unclear whether or not Shelley actually takes jiu-jitsu classes or has any kind of formal martial arts training. She is currently free on bond.


  1. If he didn’t want to pass out he should have given up the phone. I have been choked countless times in class. I usually comply and tap out. I wonder if he would have preferred an arm-bar or Kimora?


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