World Champion Antonio Carlos Junior Taps Eric Spicely Via Second Round RNC

Antonio “Shoe Face” Carlos Junior put on a Brazilian jiu-jitsu clinic when he fought newly minted BJJ black belt Eric Spicely in the third fight of UFC 212’s Fox Sports 1 prelims.

Spicely shot in for a double leg, but landed in Junior’s guard. As the new black belt got up, Shoe Face wrapped his legs around and went for a heel hook. Spicely, however, showed the world he earned that black belt by fighting off and countering Antonio’s leg lock attempts.

The two stood back up with a minute left in the round. Shoe Face went in for a double leg and got it after a bit of a struggle. He then transitioned for the back, going for a rear naked choke and neck crank before the round ended.

The fight also went to the ground early in the second round. Spicely failed in a takedown attempt and Junior ended up in his half guard. Shoe Face again transitioned to the back, but Eric Spicely escaped and got a chance to play some butterfly guard.

The guard didn’t do much, though, and Antonio again transitioned to Spicely’s back and locked in a body triangle. The new black belt put up a good effort, trying to fight his attacker off, but Shoe Face latched on a rear naked choke and forced the tap.


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