World Pro Champion Ronaldo Silva Returns To Training 2 Years After Suffering Stroke

Dream Art Project athlete Ronaldo Silva was just eighteen years old when he suffered a stroke while training. The purple belt World Pro champion was, according to Dream Art, performing “a simple grip exercise on the bar” when the stroke occurred. He was admitted to the ICU and later released in stable condition.

It’s been over two years since Silva’s stroke, and he’s spent much of that time recovering with his family in Manaus. But just days ago, Dream Art Project shared the happy news that the young athlete has returned to São Paulo to finally resume training while he recovers.

“Dream Art aims to transform lives, but who truly transform us are figures of light and love that appear in our stories, such as Ronaldinho.

He was one of our first athletes, he was competing in high performance, winning important championships like the world pro.

In 2019 he suffered an ischemic stroke that changed the course of things a little, but he remained strong in search of recovery.

Since that moment, he has been receiving our full support for the treatment and, during the pandemic, he decided to return to Manaus to recover alongside his family.

This week, to everyone’s happiness, Ronaldo returned to São Paulo to continue his recovery and train with us again.

We are very happy with his return. Your smile and determination move our souls.

Welcome back our great idol Ronaldinho! ❤️”

The Jiu-Jitsu Times sends out best wishes for Silva’s continued healing and success.


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