WWE Merger With UFC: Taking a Closer Look

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Combat sports are about to get wild in the coming years with the latest merger of two of the largest sports organizations. Last Monday, Endeavor, the parent company to the UFC, announced that they would be acquiring WWE’s pro wrestling brand and solidifying that the UFC’s MMA company will be combined under one company. This merger makes it so that two of the world’s largest fighting organizations are under one umbrella. What does this hold for the future of the UFC and WWE? Find out more below!

WWE agreed to merge with UFC: How does this change things?

We would not get too excited and start to expect UFC and WWE crossovers (maybe at this time) but the two businesses do share one thing in common, they both have raving fans that truly enjoy what both sports have to offer both from an athletic standpoint and an entertainment standpoint.

Probably one of the biggest things that fans may notice from this right away is some form of promotional integration. You might start seeing more WWE stars showing up in the crowd at UFC events and vice versa. Expect to see more advertisements on WWE programming centered around the next upcoming UFC event.

Most fans of both sports would not want one or the other infiltrating the sport to ruin what is already going on, so do not expect the two companies to be throwing their stars at one another.

What We Know about the Merger

Endeavor will own a 51% stake in the new combat sports company the WWE meaning that they have majority ownership and the majority of the vote of what is and is not going to happen moving forward. 

The merger valued the UFC at $12.1 billion and the WWE at $9.3 billion, making the new entity $21.4 billion. By no means was this a small acquisition and basically put Endeavor on as one of the biggest players in the sports and entertainment space.

Written on the Wall: Logan Paul 

If you have been keeping an eye on the UFC lately you would have noticed that PRIME became the latest sponsor of the combat sports league. PRIME is a hydration beverage company owned by none other than new WWE star Logan Paul. Was a deal somehow connected with the social media influencer?

Logan and his brother Jake have been taking the internet by storm and cracked the code of staying relevant in people’s minds for long enough to land massive career opportunities within the fight sphere. Their influence should not fly under anyone’s radar at this point.

UFC president Dana White is excited to see what the future hold for the merger and what could possibly be spun up with two combat sports businesses. The UFC and WWE will operate under the same umbrella moving forward. For more details about the merger and what it entails for the future of combat sports be sure to read here.


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