Zero Rivalry: The Musumeci Siblings Win IBJJF Worlds

Photo Credit: Kitt Canaria

Tammi Musumeci has had a beautiful Worlds 2019 run. The black belt defeated Amanda Monteiro Nogueira on June 2 by advantage, walking away with the gold. And then her brother, Mikey, did the same thing a few hours later.

Both Musumecis (Musumeci? Musumecies?) study under Emyr Bussade. Tammi burst onto the scene by winning Pans at the age of 19. Now 24, the New Jersey native won the event again in 2017. She was the IBJJF No-Gi Worlds champ in 2013, 2015, and 2016.

Mikey has topped podiums relentlessly over the past several years, winning 2016’s Pans, No-Gi Worlds, and American Nationals; 2017’s Abu Dhabi World Pro and IBJJF’s Worlds; and last’s year’s Worlds. He started collecting Juvenile gi and no-gi championships back in 2011.

Both siblings currently train out of Caio Terra’s academy, where they landed in 2016 after stints at Atos and AOJ.

Mikey Musumeci dominates at IBJJF Worlds on June 2.


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