10th Planet Black Belt Zack Edwards Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

Loved ones of 10th Planet Bethlehem black belt Zack Edwards are asking for help after Edwards was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Edwards first went to the hospital in April, where a persistent headache turned into a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. He was released from the hospital two days later, but was readmitted at the beginning of May. During his time there, he proposed to his now-fiancee Emi Miller and underwent surgery for a pacemaker. He then underwent brain surgery and was subsequently released from the hospital to begin his recovery, though he still didn’t have firm answers regarding what was causing all of his health problems. In July, during his time out of the hospital, he was promoted to black belt by JM Holland and Zach Maslany.

Miller has now shared the heartbreaking news that Zack has been diagnosed with brain cancer, for which treatment will begin this week.


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A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for Edwards’ medical bills, and a hoodie has been created with the purpose of raising money to pay for his treatment as well.

In a statement to the Jiu-Jitsu Times, Miller said, “Zack has impacted a lot of people in the jiu-jitsu community. We’re seeing the effects of that impact by everyone coming together. On behalf of his family we want to thank every single person who’s helped out. It’s obvious he is loved dearly and we’re doing everything we can for him. All prayers are appreciated.”

Maslany also shared heartfelt words about his student: “He is the type of guy who walks into a room and the room immediately lights up with his energy and ability to make people laugh. His big personality showed through his jiu-jitsu, and that’s why he was one of the most exciting guys to watch. Great competitor and awesome friend to have.”

You can donate to the GoFundMe here.


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