10th Planet Long Beach Destroyed By Fire Amidst Protests, Sets Eyes On Rebuild

As protests and civil unrest continue to spread nationwide, law enforcement is having an increasingly difficult time keeping up with the mounting pressure.

An unfortunate casualty of one of the latest protests comes by way of Southern California. 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Long Beach, a long time staple of their community that frequently hosts free open mats and training camps, has burned to the ground amidst the protests. It was an eerie sight seeing locals post pictures and videos of the burning building throughout the night as well as the aftermath, decimating independent business owners that occupy the retail building who may or may not have insurance to cover the losses.

A GoFundMe has been setup to help ease the rebuild of the jiu-jitsu hotspot. It is with great hope and optimism from both the 10th Planet Organization and Jiu-Jitsu Times that the arsonists that committed this act are brought to justice and that it does not turn out to be a fatal financial blow for the Long Beach school and it’s owner Chai Sirisute, an avid competitor and coach as well as a black belt directly under Eddie Bravo.

If you would like to help the rebuilding project click below and/or consider sharing the link


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