Chuck Liddell Reportedly Tried To Deescalate Protests In Huntington Beach

Protests have erupted all over the world over incidents of police brutality against Black people in the United States, and unfortunately, not all of them have stayed peaceful. Videos of looting and violence, started by rioters, outside instigators, and the police themselves have been shared all over social media, and now, former UFC fighter Chuck Liddell has appeared in a few of them.

According to ABC 7, Liddell attended the protests in Huntington Beach, California, to try to deescalate conflict and protect businesses from getting damaged. Video shared from Liddell’s time at the protests shows him interacting with protesters, though what exactly was said between them is unclear. He was reportedly encouraging people to stay calm and protest peacefully.

In an interview with the news station, Liddell expressed his feelings about the protests:

“It’s just terrible. Violence begets violence. Violence doesn’t help anybody. We all know what happened was wrong. Everyone I know thinks it was wrong. It’s hard to watch. But this does not help. Destroying cities, destroying people, hurting people does not do any good for anybody. Protest all you want, but just do it peacefully.”

Watch the video below:


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