10th Planet Takes Home Team Title At Subversiv, Event Benefits Veterans Via The We Defy Foundation

Last night, the first Fight 2 Win-affiliated Subversiv event hit the stage, providing jiu-jitsu fans with a professional team-based sub-only event among some of the top jiu-jitsu athletes in the world. Better yet, the event also benefitted the We Defy Foundation, an organization on a mission to prevent veteran suicide and support mental health efforts for vets with PTSD.

Anyone familiar with the Fight 2 Win organization can visualize the classical setup of the tournament. A centralized stage, walkout music, smoke machines, and VIP tables filled the gymnasium located in Garden Grove, California. Local fighters stacked the card which featured gi and no-gi matches. Vendors procured offerings ranging from CBD products to nitro coffee, pressed juice, jiu-jitsu apparel, and made-to-order barbecue. A team tournament format consisted of four teams featuring one female grappler and four male grapplers. The fighters represented Team 10th Planet, Team Lloyd Irvin, Team Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW), and Team Carlson Gracie. Each match followed an EBI format, meaning the first ten minutes are submission only with three overtime periods where opponents must accumulate positional riding time or land a submission from the back or armbar position, whichever they choose. Eddie Bravo was personally on hand not only to coach his team, but to run a smooth system for every match once overtime hit, instructing the referees and competitors of the logistics of his unified rule set in real time. Below is a breakdown of the matches.

Team CSW vs. Team Lloyd Irvin

Sabrina Kraft (CSW) vs. Nyjah Rollins (Lloyd Irvin)

In a mostly standing affair, Rollins wraps the neck and jumps guard, Kraft recovering her posture. A sit-up sweep in stride leads Rollins to wrap up a tight kimura grip in transitioning to mount, switching to a straight armlock to earn the submission and a point for Team Lloyd Irvin.

Angelo Claiborne (Lloyd Irvin) vs. Jacob Rosales (CSW)

These two did not waste any time getting it to the ground. In a constant back and forth that saw both fighters wrap the neck with frequency, Rosales slipped out of a kimura out of bounds drawing applause from the crowd. A nice drop seio Nage by Rosales doesn’t lead to a submission in regulation. Claiborne wins in overtime, utilizing a tight body triangle in the bottom of the third to win by riding time.

Jaime Fletcher (CSW) vs.DJ Jackson (Lloyd Irvin)

After a flurry of snap downs and collar ties, the two ensue in a scramble with Jackson wrapping a quick head and arm guillotine. The two nearly land out of bounds, Jackson holding on to the head and arm and tightening the squeeze. After several seconds of applying gradual pressure, Fletcher submits to the guillotine and Jackson walks away with the victory.

Will Parcely (CSW) vs.Tim Spriggs (TLI)

Spriggs leads in with a quick ankle pick off of a fake half-guard pull. After seemingly being caught in a Marcelotine wrapped up from mount, Parcely spins away. Spriggs enters a leg entanglement where he makes quick work by finishing with the heel hook.

Team Lloyd Irvin advances to the finals after winning four straight matches.

10th Planet vs. Carlson Gracie

Liz Carmouche (10th Planet) vs. Sophia Nordeno (Carlson Gracie)

A quick guard pull by Nordeno leads to a leg entanglement where she attempts a toehold. Carmouche neutralizes with pressure, smashing a ham sandwich transition by Nordeno. Utilizing a staunch butterfly guard Nordeno attempts a lockdown, but Carmouche utilizes heavy pressure to pass. A late armbar attempt by Carmouche falls short as the two go to overtime. After riding out a two minute back control sequence, Carmouche lands a rear naked choke to land the opening strike in favor of Tenth Planet.

Geo Martinez (10th Planet) vs. Alex Seaver (Carlson Gracie)

Geo pulls a quick guard and employs his versatile reverse de la riva guard, barely missing the opportunity to enter a leg entanglement situation as Seaver spins away. Geo wraps the neck in transition looking for a marcellotine, defended well by Seaver as the two run out of bounds. Geo sits back to guard and pulls Seaver into rubber guard, clearing the neck with the foot and putting the heat on with a gogo clinch, finishing the match with a gogoplata.

PJ Barch (10th Planet) vs. Jason Youseph (Carlson Gracie)

After a wrestling exchange to start, Barch engages to battling the Pan American champion’s half guard. Barch’s pressure leads to an eventual pass and subsequent back take. Looking to make relatively quick work of his opponent, Barch shoots a quick shot to the neck, Youseph tucks his chin. Barch finishes the 2015 Pan American champion with a face crank, clinching the round for Tenth Planet.

Richie Martinez (10th Planet) vs. Samir Abdolkader (Carlson Gracie)

Richie locks up a collar tie and sits to open guard. Utilizing push-pull action from the butterfly guard, Richie enters a closed guard looking to enter his trademark rubber guard, neutralized by Abdolkader. A few minutes pass as Richie looks to reestablish a connection in open guard, clearly frustrated as Abdolkader spins away and disengages on each entry. Once connection is made, Richie is able to enter underneath Abdolkader and lock up a heel hook, finishing the match.

Kyle Boehm (10th Planet) vs. Diego Vazquez (Carlson Gracie)

Vazquez starts aggressively as he brings the wrestling pressure early. Boehm pulls a quick guard and looks to lock up a kimura which is neutralized. The two stand back up with Boehm pulling another guard and looking to finish with a tight heel hook. Blank does a beautiful job shoving the knee and clearing his leg out of the entanglement. The pattern repeats itself as Boehm looks to continue attacking the legs, time running out sending them to overtime. Both athletes exhibit solid back escapes, Vazquez squeezing out the victory by riding time after neither opponent could get a submission.

Tenth Planet advances to the finals where they will face Team Lloyd Irvin for the $10,000 grand prize, with second place taking home $2,500.

Finals -Team Lloyd Irvin Vs. Team 10th Planet

*Due to undisclosed reasons Team Lloyd Irvin forfeited the 145 division. 10th Planet starts with a 1-0 lead.

Boehm (10th Planet) vs. Spriggs (Lloyd Irvin)

The springy Spriggs induces Boehm to pull guard, followed by a strong bullfighter pass by Spriggs. Spriggs works to mount, mostly dominating with cross face pressure. A guard recovery is executed Boehm, the two continuously restart as the action keeps falling out of bounds. Pass attempts by Spriggs, butterfly recovery by Boehm occur in sequence.  Spriggs jumps for a rolling toehold which lands him in side mount after a scramble. Sprigg’s employs an explosive slam to help him in EBI overtime, channeling strong back defense to take the match by ride time.

Martinez (10th Planet) vs. Jackson (Lloyd Irvin)

Richie pulls a quick guard, working a butterfly guard to rubber guard combo. Jackson employs his characteristic mammoth pressure, passing to side mount with a blistering cross face. Richie’s flexibility appears to give DJ some trouble as he struggles to maintain adequate head position. DJ eventually works to north-south, feeding a kimura and putting his weight into it. Jackson gets the tap with the kimura lock.

Barch (10th Planet) vs. Angelo (Lloyd Irvin)

The two start in a back and forth standup battle. Barch lands double underhooks and performs a body fold takedown to land in the mount. Angelo bridges to regain his knee shield. Barch applies ample pressure to no avail as the guard pass is held off, sits to a 4-11 leglock entanglement. Delicately taking coaching advice, Angelo is forced to tap as Barch applies a tight heel hook. Barch keeps Tenth Planet in the game as the matches are tied up 2-2. The women’s match will determine the team winner.

Carmouche (10th Planet) vs. Rollins (Lloyd Irvin)

A quick aggressive leg trip is done by the UFC veteran Carmouche as she looks for a double-under pass. Carmouche’s rolling toehold doesn’t land as she lands on bottom. Rollins goes to wrap the heel, evaded by Carmouche as she clears the knee line. Carmouche puts heavy pressure and begins dominating from top, working to mount and attempting an arm triangle variation. As Rollins turns away, Carmouche locks up a modified rear naked choke, imposing her weight and getting the tap. 10th Planet takes the team title and $10,000 grand prize.

10th Planet appears to have a knack for success at team tournament formats, taking home the title tonight as well as recently at Quintet 2 in Japan. Stay tuned for October 5th to see Team Tenth Planet look to defend their title at Quintet 3 in Las Vegas.


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